The best purpose and strategy in the world won’t succeed unless you have the full support and engagement of your people to execute it.

This is the basis of management consultant Peter Drucker’s famous quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

And after conducting extensive research and working with a multitude of leaders and teams from organizations of all types and sizes we’ve learned:

  • the number one determinant of people's ability to work together is culture
  • and the number one determinant culture is attitude

Attitude is key because of the following simple model of human behavior:

  • Our thoughts…
  • Lead to feeling and emotions…
  • Which lead to actions and results

Understanding and developing strategies about how to maintain the kind of positive attitude and mindset that’s necessary to create a culture that succeeds over the long run is not something we’ve found that many organizations spend a lot of time thinking about or discussing – but is something those that are the most successful have understood and been focusing on for decades.

At BGR we have a team of professionally certified coaches who are trained experts in human behavior and how to optimize it by using the Core Energy coaching approach. We also bring a wealth of real-world business experience.

Together, these competencies allow us to equip you and your team with the insights, skills, tools and processes necessary to lead and work together in the way you really want to – and that delivers the best results.

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