One Day Power Workshops

While the best results will be achieved through our complete Inspired Organization Blueprint Program, we understand that sometimes what our clients want the most is a highly impactful, specific skill area knowledge enhancement solution.

To address this, we offer one day workshops in each of the following areas:

  • How to Be a More Inspiring Leader
  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery
  • Becoming a Dynamic Communicator
  • Influencing and Engaging Others
  • Creating, Nurturing and Growing High Energy Relationships
  • Maximizing Productivity
  • Time Management, Health & Wellness
  • Maximizing Team Effectiveness with the Core Values Index
  • Coaching-Centric Leadership Level 1
  • Coaching-Centric Leadership Level 2
  • Using the Core Values Index to Maximize Personal Performance and Team Effectiveness

Each of our workshops are designed to be highly practical and action-oriented, and combine a mix of content, experience sharing and in-class exercises that are ideal for both management, as well as front-line team members.

To learn more about how our Power Workshops can contribute to the future success of you and your organization, Contact Us.