I-Rating Quick Assessment

While engagement is great, we’ve learned over our many years in business that inspiration is even better – and in fact essential for any organization or team to achieve the very best results possible over time.

Our complimentary I-Rating Assessment will help you get a sense of just how inspired your organization currently is.

And the best news of all is that it only takes a very short amount of time to complete: usually about 10 minutes.

Our I-Rating Assessment is also very easy to do, and uses a simple 5-point scaling system where you provide a rating for a number of predictive indicators to see where you’re currently sitting.

If your score is in the high range, then you’ll know you’re doing all or most of the right things to drive the results of your organization.  And if your score isn’t so high, or as high as you’d like it, then you’ll have a clear indication of the area or areas to focus on to start creating the change you want.

So either way, you win!

To take our I-Rating Assessment, just fill in the form to the right, hit Submit, and you’ll be able to download our assessment form immediately.

If you have any questions about anything once you’ve taken the Assessment Contact Us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with any additional information or support needed.