Our Why

At BGR Coaching & Strategic Solutions, we believe in clarity, and in the value of being clear when making important decisions and taking action.

We help create clarity for our clients by:

- Hiring people who are multi-disciplinary professionals, certified coaches, and among the very best at what they do

- Gathering, summarizing and making sense of relevant facts and information

- Asking thought-provoking and empowering questions in a purposeful and positive way

- Listening carefully, and confirming what we’re hearing

- Encouraging others to share what they’re thinking and feeling to facilitate understanding and collaboration

- Helping others to clarify what they really mean when they’re not able to do this on their own

- Sharing our knowledge, ideas and solutions in the clearest way possible, but always letting others decide what’s best for them

- Providing status updates and new information as it becomes available

- Getting back to people quickly

- Holding off on making recommendations until we feel clear it’s the right thing to do

- Always ensuring everyone understands and is in agreement on key decisions and future action plans

We’re a trustworthy and innovative organizational and executive coaching firm.